Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)

CSHCS assists families by providing support services for children and some adults needing specialty medical care that can not be comprehensively managed by an individual internist, pediatrician, or family physician. CSHCS Logo
Delta and Menominee Childrens Special Health Care Services Video

Covered Medical Conditions

CSHCS covers over 2,600 different diagnosis. Common examples include:

  • Cancer
  • Cerbral Palsy
  • Cleft Palate or Lip
  • Hearing/Vision Loss
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Certain Heart Conditions
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes

How Does CSHCS Help?

  • Covers diagnosis related prescriptions
  • Pays specialty medical bills
  • Covers co-pays or deductibles
  • Coordinates services from multiple providers/physicians
  • Educates families about specialty providers such as doctors, hospitals, and clinics
  • Provides transportation assistance

Program History:

CSHCS is a program of Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH). Formerly known as the Division of Services for Crippled Children, CSHCS is funded with both state and federal dollars through Title V of the Social Security Act.

Call for Appointment or Information:

  • Escanaba Office: 906-786-4290
  • Menominee Office: 906-863-4451
  • Family Phone Line: 1-800-359-3722

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm, and Friday, 8am-4pm